As you can see I like to use shadows to create a sense of mystery or wonder within my photos.

Maybe Photography is part of me

I can tell you that today I have realised I’ve always loved photography, the memories that you make with in a still images.

I love that they take you back to when others where around. I love how photographs are almost like flashback within still image form for u to go back and reflect on.

Today I had a bad day, you know the days where nothing seems to go right. There where emotions, shouting, confusion, but the one thing that got me through was looking around and using my camera when I could.

This time off year is so pretty. Here are some photos which where taken around sevenoaks. 📷

Roseorgraphy 📷

Let me no what you think 🤔 🍁❤️📷

Sometimes it’s dark, create the light

Sometimes life can be dark and u don’t always see the light.

It okay to not be okay. It okay to turn the light on. When you’re feeling scared, sad, frustrated, unhappy, look for something you like. Could be something you see, music you here, words you think off. Have something you like about someone tell them! By doing this you will turn a light on within their world. This also will make u feel a little better knowing it is that easy to turn the light on for someone you love.

Photo by me

Rose Johnson

Nature Photography

Take me back to August already,

Loved my holiday

Here are some photos I took when away.


Some people won’t understand but others may do.


I have always loved taking Photos and editing.

Recently on holiday it has helped me grow as a photographer.

The reason I took this nature Photography is because I love adverture as much as I love being at home. I don’t know about anyone else who also struggles with social anxiety, but taking pictures no matter what anyone else says helped me out in France. I would find flowers or I also love taking photos of the sky 😍

Life is short so don’t be afraid to take that photoshoot you’ve wanted to do for years! Get that camera and use it. See something pretty shoot it 📸